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Band Sawing

Scope can meet all of your cut-to-size plate requirements, with the facilities to cut plates to size:
Automatic Insertion Band Saw for Plates

Length: 20-12000 mm
Width: 15-500 mm
Thickness: 5-500 mm
Giant Band Saw for Vertical & Lateral Cutting

Length: 20-2000 mm
Width: 20-6000 mm
Thickness: 5-800 mm
Band Saw for Plates up to 2 Meters Wide

Length: 20-6000 mm
Width: 20-2000 mm
Thickness: 5-1000 mm
Vertical Band Saw with Hydraulic Table for Aluminum Plates

Length: 5-1500 mm
Width: 20-4000 mm
Thickness: 5-600 mm