Customers & Suppliers
Commitment to Quality & Service

Customers from a variety of industries

As a company that is committed to customers, Scope invests considerable resources in achieving the essential components for its customers’ activities in order to help them achieve their goals.
As a result, Scope is the preferred choice of many customers from all industries, who enjoy a highly efficient and affordable way to obtain the products they need.

Scope services thousands of customers in Israel and worldwide, including leading companies in their field, who have come to value Scopeโ€™s quality products, fast delivery, and reliability.

The company serves customers from many fields in the industrial sector in Israel, including aerospace, machining, chemicals and fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, infrastructure, air conditioning, energy and water, food, beverages and dairy products, military and security, construction and elevators, microelectronics, high-tech, signage and more.

In addition, Scope works closely with large engineering companies and local manufacturers on complex projects.

Working with leading manufacturers to ensure the best products

Scope Group imports products from over 300 approved suppliers, including the world’s leading stockists and manufacturers, and are mostly certified byย  ISO 9001:2015.

Scope purchases products in large quantities and at competitive prices, ensuring significant advantages for both the company and its customers.

In addition, the company’s suppliers are asked to deliver a written assurance that they meet the RoHS3 standard – a European standard that limits the use of certain hazardous materials such as mercury, lead and cadmium.