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Scope Metals Group is a leading distributor
and supplier of finished and semi-finished
metals products and engineered plastics
products to industrial manufacturers.
With an extensive inventory of over 80,000
off-the-shelf items, Scope operates as a
one-stop shop on a “just-in-time”, 24-hour
delivery basis to domestic customers.
Scope supplies stainless steel, aluminum,
steel, and alloy steel, brass, copper, bronze,
titanium, nickel alloys, and engineered
plastics products.
In addition to exporting from the Eastern
Mediterranean, Scope Metals Group operates
in Eastern & Central Europe, China and on
the East Coast of the United States.
All our products are according to
international standards. Quality control is
coordinated by an in-house, ISO 9001:2000
certified controller.
Scope’s leading position is supported by state-of-the-art automatic and computerized warehouses and
processing equipment:
Advanced cut-to-length and blanking lines
Slitting line
Brushing, polishing and PVC coating line
Band saws (1000 mm DIA)
Band saws for plates up to 800 mm thickness, size 2000 mm x 6000 mm