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Accessibility Declaration

The internet is the largest source of information for all users, including those with special needs. We attach particular importance on granting eqaul accessabiltity to the information presented on our website to all potential users. We aim to provide access to our digital services to persons with special needs as we believe that every individual has the right to live in equality, with repect, ease of access and independence.


This website is supported by the accessibilty technology of "Negish Be'Click".

The website has an accessibility menu. Clicking on the menu allows access to accessibilty options. Upon choosing an option the user must wait for the corresponding webpage to load.

Accecability support includes:

5 sizes of font enlargement

Dark contrast

Light contrast

Color-blindness adjsutment

Legibility adjustment

Pointer/cursor enlargement & black/white toggle

Bold links

Bold titles

Despite our efforts, certain portions of this website may not be accesible to all potential users. We are continuing with our efforts to provide total accessibilty to all.