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Customer support

Scope is pleased to extend the benefits of its experience to its customers. Company experts are always available to assist customers in finding solutions tailored to their special requirements, with a range of services including:

  • Inventory Management -  In addition to distribution and supply, Scope offers its clients to facilitate their inventory management through our “just‑in‑time” capabilities.
  • Technical Education Services - Scope provides special training in order to broaden the technical knowledge of our clients and employees concerning new international developments in quality and usage of various materials. Seminars by well-known specialists from both Israel and overseas are frequently held on a variety of technical issues related to the use of the materials.
  • Maintenance Services - Scope advises clients regarding final fabricated products and after-care of stainless steel. If required, Scope's team works on-site in order to provide the best possible service to the client.
  • Projects Support Services- Scope works closley with leading engineeiring firms and manufacturers and provides support to large scale and complex projects. Such support includes planning, financing, procurement, transport and all logistical operations.