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Scope: Your First Choice – Wherever You Are

Scope has the resources to deliver. This is the key to our success in markets around the world.
As one of the largest distribution and supplier centers in the region, shipping by truck, sea and air from an ideal location in the Eastern Mediterranean, Scope is able to guarantee especially attractive and highly reliable delivery times.

Our export department includes sales managers that specialize in particular regions of the world. This ensures accurate and updated knowledge about different market requirements and the specific needs of each country.
Our head office and distribution center is located in Bne Ayish, approximately 30 minutes south of Tel Aviv, Israel, close to the port of Ashdod and Ben Gurion International Airport. Scope’s six subsidiaries, each with local storage facilities, further streamline the company’s international operations.

The central location of our head office in the Eastern Mediterranean and the strategic locations of our subsidiaries enable even shorter lead-time to markets. Typical delivery times are:

  • To Jordan and Egypt – 24 to 48 hours by truck
  • To Eastern Mediterranean countries such as Greece, Cyprus and Turkey - 2 days
  • To Eastern Europe – 4 to 6 days or less via Odessa
  • To our other markets – 14 days or less

Within Israel, Just-In-Time delivery basis.

Exceptional delivery times added to Scope's quality, professionalism, and expertise have led us to partner with hundreds of international customers from many states, including: 

  • The Mediterranean: Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, Israel, Egypt, Jordan.
  • Eastern Europe: Ukraine, Russia, Kazakhstan, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Poland, and the Czech Republic.
  • Western Europe: Italy, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Switzerland, Spain, and Portugal.
  • Asia: India, China and the Philippines
  • New Zealand
  • Africa: South Africa, Kenya, Ethiopia and Nigeria.
  • United States, Canada, Mexico and Chile.


For further information, please contact Scope directly