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Leading Producers to Ensure the Finest Products
Scope imports products from more than 300 approved suppliers throughout the world. These are top quality producers and stockists most of which are certified by ISO 9001:2015.

Scope buys products in large quantities at competitive prices, resulting in benefits for both the company and our clients.

Scope’s plastic and metal suppliers must provide written assurance that they comply with the RoHS standard – a European directive that restricts the use of certain hazardous substances such as mercury, lead and cadmium.

Our suppliers include:
Product Source Country Supplier
Stainless Steel South Africa, Taiwan, Europe ArcelorMittal, Outokumpu, Columbus, Viraj, YC Inox, Acerinox
Commercial & Aerospace  Aluminium USA, Europe, Korea, India, Russia, Romania & China Kaiser, Vimetco-Alro, Alcoa, Constellium, Aleris, Amag, Sapa
Carbon Steel & Steel Alloys Western Europe, Turkey, The Ukraine, USA & China Duferco, ArcelorMittal, Gerdau, Marcegaglia
Copper Alloys

Germany, Brazil, Bulgaria, China, Italy & France

MKM, Eluma, Sofia MED, Haliang, KME, Gnutti
Plastics Austria, Germany, USA & Italy Rochling, Ensinger, Agru, Guarniflon, DuPont™
Fire Protection Equipment USA, UK, Korea, Taiwan & Canada Reliable, Chemguard, Elkhart-Brass, SPP Pumps, Waterhous Pumps, Fivalco, EVE, Acorn, Fide, Jacob Eshbach, Foxfury, Unifire, Lancier AWG, Erico.
Valves, Pneaumatic Actuators, Pumps Italy, Spain, Belgium, Czech Republic, China, Taiwan & Slovenia Mival, Armstrong, CMO, Neway, Alpha Pompe, Regada, Calobri, Dinicola, SFV, Ta Chen, Conti, Esseti, Vir, Siwatec, Valtec, OMC, Taiwan Valve
Pipes & Accessories Italy, Spain, Finland, Germany, Turkey, India, Taiwan & Austria Outokumpu, Viraj, Armaflex, Macoga, Erku, Satinox, Schoeller Bleckmann, Agru, Praher
Welding Equipment Korea, China & USA Kiswel, Atlantic, American Filler Metals