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Scope is expanding its activities abroad


Scope is expending its activities abroad: checking possible issuance of shares in the London stock exchange.

After raising in the local market, NIS 170 million in shares and bonds, “Scope” is out to raise capital abroad. The company is checking into raising capital for international activities, and the analysts estimate that the company is examining the stock market in London. The company informs that it is in the beginning of the examination. At the same time “Scope” reported buying its own shares in the value of NIS 6 million.

“Scope” is exporting and importing metal and steel, and is in the process of expending its activities abroad. At December 2005 “Scope” purchased, a metal distribution company  in the United States in return for USD 12 million. On March 2005 “Scope” acquired a trading metal company in the Czech republic.

16% of “Scope” sales in the first nine month of 2005 were made abroad (excluding the company in the Czech Republic and the United State).  Because of the increasing price of metals the company sales raised 24% during 2005 and summed up to NIS 446 million…


Written by Avi Sasover

December 2005, Maariv