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Scope Metals is pleased to introduce a new version  of software to select pumps and technical equipment:

  1. Selecting pumps for water supply, increasing pressure, air conditioning systems, Submerged and fire extinguishing.
  2. Selecting technical equipment used in HVAC and plumbing systems such as valves, check Valves, strainers, expansion joints and more.
  3. Link to download REVIT files for pumps and technical equipment as well as a link to the Scope site.

To download the software click here


Fill in the contact information on the software download page, type password 3579, and press Download to download the software (takes several minutes).


If browser/Windows alerts appear after downloading the exe installation file, the file must be accepted and opened.


Have you encountered a problem installing the software? Do you have any questions about choosing the pumps and technical equipment?

Please contact us by email [email protected]  or by telephone at 08-8631905 (Yakir)


To download an explanation of how to work with the software click here