European Standard Anchors
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Heavy loads don’t take any chances.

Scope Metals Group markets high-quality mechanical anchors in Israel, certified according to a strict European Standard (ETA).

The arrow anchors and bolts for concrete are imported from The Rawlplug company founded more than a century ago (1919) and its products have gained success in private and public construction around the world.

Among the uses for anchors: Building facades, curtain walls, passenger elevators, fences and gates, public seating systems and railings


Patent-based concrete-slot bolts 鈥 for efficient and safe installation


One of the challenges of using concrete-scoring screws is maintaining a small, uniform hole-diameter during installation. This is in order to reduce the risk of damage to the base material, and to complete a successful installation even near adjacent edges or anchors.

Scope Metals Group markets concrete-scoring screws made by Rawlplug 鈥 the original inventor of the arrow anchors – who has more than 100 years of experience in the field.

Benefits of the concrete-scoring screws made by Rawlplug:

The screws are certified according to European ETA standards

Special patent-based structure helps maintain a small hole diameter

Installation is simple and fast (using regular drilling)

Different types of heads per application

Unique galvanization in aluminum zinc provides high resistance to corrosion

Appropriate for cracked concrete uncracked concrete

The screws are completely removable 鈥 and reusable

Screws fit in standard or shorter drilling depth

  • Also suitable for temporary repair