Rapid Delivery 鈥 Your Orders are Already on the Way


Impressive delivery times for both local and international destinations are part of what sets Scope apart. Over 95% of orders from stock are delivered within 24 hours, while regional deliveries are effected within 1 to 6 days and other destinations and reached within competitively short times.

Such speedy delivery is聽made possible by:

  • Central location for export in the region
  • Incomparable product availability
  • Long service hours
  • Automatic warehouses and processing capabilities
  • Direct links and excellent relations with leading worldwide forwarders


鈥嶹e have our own fleet that includes over 35 large and medium sized trucks and five pick-ups. Everyday, Scope vehicles loaded with products leave the company鈥檚 warehouses destined for hundreds of different locations throughout the State of Israel.

Our international deliveries are carried out by air and sea for more distant destinations.