Advanced Storage Systems

Efficient handling of orders and accurate inventory management

Ongoing operations without incident rely on rigorous inventory management, so Scope invests heavily in maintaining advanced storage facilities. Scope, which stocks over 80,000 different of-the-shelf items in a variety of grades, shapes and sizes, makes extensive use of advanced tools to manage this huge inventory, ensuring that its customers enjoy efficient and accurate ordering.


Our facility in Bne Ayish covers an area of about 90,866 sqm, and includes more than 45,000 sqm of covered warehouses.


The storage and transport systems installed at Scope include four KASTO automated warehouses for storage of long products (rods, pipes, extrusions and flat products) andย  a UNTRONICS automated warehouse that handles more than 40,500ย  part numbers of fasteners and accessories and is among the most modern warehouses of its kind in the region.

The unique design of its warehouses allows Scope to handle an average of 850 orders to different customers in Israel every day. The control systems and software of all automated warehouses interface with the SAP enterprise computing system, enabling accurate inventory management of all of the company’s product lines.