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Unrivalled Inventory Fast Delivery

Scope was established in 1980 and carries an extensive inventory of over 80,000 different items. Scope operates as a One-Stop-Shop on a Just-In-Time delivery basis.


Scope supplies aluminum, stainless steel, steel and alloys steel, magnesium, engineering plastics, nickel alloys, brass, bronze, copper, lead and titanium. All alloys are available in both commercial and aircraft quality.


In February 2020, Scope acquired the operations of Hamania Pumps,ย  a company with a history of about 80 years in the sale of pumps in Israel, thereby significantly expanding its supply of products in the field.



At the Forefront of Technology

As a company that seeks excellence, Scope uses the world’s leading technologies and operates automated and computerized warehouses and processing equipment, including advanced lines for cutting-to-size and preparing for final processing, a slitter, fully automated disc saws, an advanced polishing and coating line, band saws and more. The 90,866 sqm plant in Re’em Industrial Park near Gedera, includes more than 45,400 square meters of covered warehouses.

The company has been committed to providing service based on quality, efficiency, and uncompromising professionalism. The company’s quality control is managed by a certified in-house AS9100 quality controller.ย  ERP and CRMย  systems enable flexible and coordinated management that meets all customer requirements.

Scope enjoys a reputation as a leading regional supplier of aluminum to the aviation market, and the company has been certified by IAI as a 1E supplier to directly supply raw materials to the production line

Metals and Engineering
Plastics Products

Our products include:

  • Raw materials: plates, sheets, coils, flat rods, round rods, squares and hexagons, pipes, profiles, angles and beams.ย  All items exist in a variety of alloys, shapes and sizes, including special and rare sizes and specifications.
  • Technical products:ย  valves, actuators, check valves, pressure reducing valves, gate valves, double check valves & backflow preventers, sampling valves, strainers, water meters, air release valve, neal valves
  • Fire Protection Systems: ย sprinklers, fire protection valves, firefighting monitors & nozzles, foam concentrates and related equipment, firefighting systems for the fuel and chemistry industry, fire pumps, hydrants and fire stations, forest fire trucks, firefighting equipment, pipework & fittings
  • Pumps: clean water pumps / boosters, vacuum pumps, industrial pumps, submersible pumps, mixers, pumps and sanitary mixing equipment, diaphragm pumps, disposal, fire pumps
  • Pipes and accessories: stainless steel, steel, copper, brass, PP, PE, PVC, PVDF, ECTFE, PP-R, HDPE and accessories
  • Fasteners: ย anchors, screws, nuts, washers and rings, threaded rods, pins and rivets, clamps, self-clinching fasteners
  • Welding equipment: welding electrodes, welding wires, submerged arc welding, welding masks, passivation materials
  • Gratings, floor plates andย railings: gratings, floor plates and stairs, floor sheets, expanded meshes, perforated sheets, handrails, cables and chains, handles and hinges

A leading company enjoying global success

Scope is a public company listed on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. Scope cooperates with hundreds of leading manufacturers around the globe. Scope’s motto is “anything, anytime” and we provide storage and logistical outsourcing services to our customers world-wide, enabling them to cut costs and concentrate on their core businesses.

In addition to its leading position in the local market, Scope exports its products and services to Africa and expanding it’s network of local affiliations and subsidiaries around the world.

In 2004, Scope began its global expansion. Today, Scope subsidiaries are located in the USA, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Korea and the Ukraine.

Over 60% of the group’s activities are outside of Israel.

Our unique position provides our customers with genuine competitive advantages and has positioned Scope as one of the leading companies in its field.

Global Presence
Czech Republic