Scope's Subsidiary in Poland

It's all about timing

Alinox, a fully owned subsidiary of Scope Metals Group, was established in 2007 to provide a comprehensive range of products to the Polish and Eastern European markets. It expanded steadily becoming a one-stop-shop for Ferrous and Non-Ferrous metal and plastic products and today is one of the leading distributors of aircraft aluminum to “Aviation Valley” in the southeast of the country.

From its modern warehouses strategically located in Myslowice and Meilec, Alinox delivers tons of materials to its many customers and partners throughout Poland, the Ukraine, the Baltic States and the rest of Europe. In 2011 Alinox established a subsidiary in the Ukraine and opened a sales office in Lvov. Alinox’s customers rely on it for high standards and quick and accurate answers regarding availability, lead time, and price and processing options.

At Alinox, we believe that fast and continuous investments in technology provide invaluable benefits to our customers. Our cutting-edge processing equipment including water-jet, enables us to provide customers with premium value-added and cut-to-size services and CNC machined parts and to deliver our orders within 24 hours.

Alinox services thousands of customers in Poland and worldwide, including leading companies in their fields. Industries served include aerospace, automotive, machining, chemicals, mass-transit, food processing, energy and more.

Leaders in these industries choose Alinox as their primary vendor for all their metal requirements – from long-term agreements and contracts, to meeting their daily metal needs.

Alinox sources its products from approved suppliers in Europe and around the world. All are top quality producers and are evaluated regularly by the Alinox team.


Everything held in stock

Alinox offers one of the widest ranges available of raw materials and semi-finished products, from aluminum, stainless steel, fire protection products, plastics and titanium. All alloys are available in both commercial and aircraft quality. Our range of products is constantly expanded to meet the expectations and needs of our customers. We supply you with all common non-ferrous metals fast, at a good price and in top quality. We even deliver large quantities with the minimum wait to your nominated destination

Attentive and Responsive to Customer Needs

Alinox is characterized by exceptional responsiveness to customer requirements, and continually expands its range of products accordingly. In addition, as part of a global network of partnerships, Alinox can provide very specific materials at exceptionally short notice.

Alinox, with biggest stock ofย Aircraft aluminumย sheets and plates in Poland, has earned a reputation as a leading regional supplier to the aerospace industries.

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